What’s in the Box?

One of our subscribers revealing her inaugural Wine Taste Talk To Your Door delivery, with 6 delicious wines, lots of great tasting notes food matches and a recipe matched to one of the wines. Subscribers also become part of the Wine Taste Talk community including access to online Meet The Winemaker sessions, where we catch up with one of the winemakers that created one of the amazing wines in your pack. We recently had a great talk with Alan Varney from Varney Wines, who has a Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre and a stunning Rose in our box of wine www.varneywines.com.au.

Would you like to drink more interesting wines chosen by an expert and learn a little along the way, then subscribe today www.winetastetalk.com.au/to-your-door/

What’s in the box?

6 Great wines to try plus comprehensive notes


What Subscribers are saying

I have to admit I have for too long continued to buy the same wines. It was safe, I knew I enjoyed these so why change?  But then I found To Your Door and have been able to broaden my experience and enjoyment of wine. And it’s much less risky because the wines have been carefully selected by someone who really understands wine. To top it off the packs come with not only excellent notes about the wines which increases my knowledge, but also with recipes for delicious food to complement the wines.


I have my regular winery selections each quarter, but I was looking to try something out of the ordinary. When I heard about WineTasteTalk To Your Door I thought this was a great opportunity to get to taste some quality wines that were a bit different. With WineTasteTalk To Your Door you get to taste a wide range of smaller vineyard high quality wines which are personally chosen by someone who knows and loves wines. If you’re interested in being able to explore top quality wines selected by someone who does the work for you, I highly recommend Virginia Jacobs and WineTasteTalk To Your Door.