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Wine Taste talk Has Moved To Melbourne

Wine Taste talk Has Moved To Melbourne

You may have noticed that Wine Taste Talk has been fairly quiet recently.

This is due to my relocation to Melbourne, including moving the cellar, which was no small task!!!!! Not to mention selling a house and finding a new one.

With the office, house and wine now settled Wine Taste Talk is ready to launch in Melbourne. I will of course be available to travel back to my loyal supporters in the Goulburn Valley and look forward to seeing many of you in the future.

Wine Taste Talk will be offering its relaxed yet informative style of wine education as well as being available for a range of wine events. For more details, please visit and subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date with future classes.

Virginia Jacobs
Virginia Jacobs

Virginia Jacobs is a wine educator who has shared the joys of wine with keen amateurs and budding professionals for many years. With a Masters of Wine Technology and Viticulture from Melbourne University, and more than a few tastings under her belt, Virginia will guide you in appreciating the wonders of wine.

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