At Wine Taste Talk we are always looking for ways to bring people together over a glass of wine and we are very excited to be offering a new wine gift that will delight.

Your Story, Bottled

Welcome to the win-win of gift giving.

Introducing a very personalised gift you’ll love giving, and your wine-loving friends will absolutely love receiving.

Your Story, Bottled celebrates every event, be it a milestone birthday, anniversary, career highlight, a colleague’s retirement, farewell or valedictory, with a hand-picked wine selection and presentation that captures the real spirit of the occasion.

How does it work? Easy. Share with us any details, personal stories, quirks and cheeky tales about the recipient, from birthplace and hobbies, interests, family, career, passions (even their favourite football team) and Wine Taste Talk will curate a selection of wines and beverages that brings their story to life.

We’ll also provide a personalised written commentary on the person’s life which is to be read as you present them with each bottle.

Fun, poignant, and considered, Your Story, Bottled is a wonderfully unique way to celebrate that special person in your life, and is a gift that will be remembered long after the final drop is drunk.

Celebrate in serious style and let Wine Taste Talk turn all your gift-giving into an unforgettable special occasion. Call Virginia today to have Your Story, Bottled.