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Red Wine Uncorked – They Want More

Red Wine Uncorked – They Want More

Thank you to all the participants in the Red Wine Uncorked Class on Friday 26th at the Aussie Hotel Shepparton. It was a sell-out event, with a great group of red wine appreciators.

Thank you also to Chris and the team at the Aussie Hotel for their support and great service.

We tasted a range of wines, some varieties were familiar and some were new to the group. Everyone was comfortable making comments and sharing their views on the wines tasted which makes for an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

At the end of the evening some participants were discussing what class they would like to do next and it was decided that an in-depth look at one red wine variety would be their choice.  If you had a choice of learning more about your favourite red wine variety what would it be? Follow the link below to post your comments or send an email to let me know.

If you couldn’t make this class but would like to attend one in the future sign up to to be kept up to date with upcoming classes.

Your mission this week is to enjoy this brisk weather, warming winter food and of course a wonderful red wine.


Virginia Jacobs
Virginia Jacobs

Virginia Jacobs is a wine educator who has shared the joys of wine with keen amateurs and budding professionals for many years. With a Masters of Wine Technology and Viticulture from Melbourne University, and more than a few tastings under her belt, Virginia will guide you in appreciating the wonders of wine.

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