Peter Howland

In 2004 following a tasting in Sydney with fellow Shiraz buddy Michael Morrison, I purchased 6 Peter Howland Shiraz, 2 each of his 2002 single vineyard WA Shiraz collection, Langley, Pine Lodge and Parsons Vineyards. They were around $28 at the time.

I tried the latter which was from the Frankland River region. I have to be honest and say that my hopes were not high as I had previously had some trouble with corks and faults in the other wines, which had been replaced by Peter. This was an original and I opened it celebrate my son’s last meal at home before heading off to university, and yes I did have a backup.

I was very pleased to find it was not only sound but stunning. The nose was bacon and charred savoury notes with the balancing influence of bay leaves. The palate retained clarity of fruit and vibrancy thanks to the supporting acidity. Exotic spice added complexity to the plum. A great wine. The integration of secondary characteristics in this wine is a good example of why we cellar some wines and the rewards that can be had with a little patience and self-discipline.

Have you tried any older wines lately, from your own cellar or someone else’s?